Bootcamp in the Park or at Home!

Bootcamp in the Park or at Home!

Toes to the bar- do these by hanging from a pull-up bar and bringing your feet to the bar; repeat.
Jump squat- Squat down deep and then jump up into the air. Land down in a squat again and repeat. You can do these facing a partner and on the way up, high-five each other. It’s fun 🙂
High knees- run in place and lift your knees up as high as you can each time. Repeat 60 times.
Throw downs- done with a partner. One person lay on their back, the other stands over this person at their head. The lying down person grabs their ankles and then kicks up their legs to the standing person. The standing person throws their legs down and the laying down person must catch it by flexing their abs and bring them back up. Repeat and switch partners at 35.
Climbers- standard mountain climbers
Russians- Start in a seated position with knees to chest and feet off the floor. Twist from side to side.
Alt. Squats- Start by doing a regular squat then turn to a side lunge, then center squat, side lunge, center squat, etc….(you may have to take breaks, that is ok)
Bench taps- Running toe taps on a bench, the stairs, or anything that is lifted. 🙂
Plank dips- Start in a plank position and keeping your core tight, dip your right hip to the ground and then switch and dip your left hip to the ground; repeat. 25 on each side.
Leg jumps- stand on one leg and jump up and down going side to side, forward to back, etc. Do the same on the other leg.
Partner ups- Full sit-ups with a partner holding your feet…you can do without a partner too.
Star jumps- start in a standing position. Jump making a star with your arms and legs; repeat.
Tuck jumps- start in a standing position and jump up bringing your knees to your chest; repeat.


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