I’m on Top of the World!

Happy Monday! I am feeling great today and my workout made me feel even better! Endorphins are pumping, blood is flowing, sun is shining, life is good!

So, do the following 4 exercises in this sequence, counting down from 99:

99 jumping jacks
99 crunches
99 second squat hold (do this over a chair or couch in case you fall backward
99 high knees
99 push ups on the couch, wall, or chair (take your time, you’ve got this)!

Then, repeat each exercise but 88 times, then 77 times, 66,55,44,33,22, and an 11 minute jog or other cardio set. 🙂

What a beautiful day!

Today is my adorable little puppy, Theodore’s Birthday!

I am so in love with this dog. He has become Mikeal and my son. I’m not sure when we’ll be able to have kids (that’s a whole other story) so he is a total blessing to have in our life. He is so sweet, happy, loyal, playful… Ya know, all the amazing things dogs are.

Ok now on to today’s workout and delicious breakfast!
I call this workout, Dumbbells Away!

Bicep curl to shoulder press continue until you feel the burn and push 5 more! Make sure to stand up tall, keep your abs really right and don’t let your back arch. If you start to lift with your back, that’s a sign you’re lifting too heavy.
Push-ups do as many as you can, push yourself!
100 Standing High Knees

Straight-leg deadlifts continue until you feel the burn and then do 5 more. Make sure to keep your knees slightly bent, but to bend from the waist, not the knees. Squeeze your butt muscles on the way up.
Wall sit continue this as long as you can!
100 Standing High Knees

Ok now that you’re dead! Check out today’s delicious breakfast!

Oatmeal de jour:


I used:
Trader Joe’s Steel cut organic oats
Chia seeds
Flax seeds
Molasses- for sweetness
Vanilla extract
*Topped with freshly sliced bananas and blackberries


Yum! Enjoy and have a Great Day!



Any day is a good day to show your body some love! I love full body workouts because they really target the whole body leaving you feeling like you accomplished a lot. This workout can be done at home with your own body weight and some dumbbells or bands, if you have them. If not, try using some bags of flour or sugar, water bottles, soup cans, etc.

Do at least 15 reps of the following 15 exercises:

-Shoulder push-ups- start in a down dog position and do a push up with the crown of your head touching the floor each time.
– Shoulder press
-Bicep curls
-Skull crushers- lie on your back with your arms directly above your face holding a weight. Bring the weight towards your forehead by bending at the elbows only. Bend until you’ve reached a 90 degree angle and then straighten back out; repeat.
-Plank jacks- start in a plank position and jump your arms and legs out like a jumping Jack. Jump them back in; repeat.
-Plank dips; each side- start in a side plank position and dip your hips toward the ground. Lift back up and repeat, do each side.
-Russian twists- start in a seated position with your legs off the floor. Clasp your hands together and reach your clasped hands to each side of your body while keeping your feet off the floor, do on each side.
-Squat jumps- make sure you land lightly after your jump.
-Walking lunges on each side
-Calf raises- 3 types- toes facing straight ahead of you, toes facing in towards each other, and toes facing out forcing the heels to touch each other.
-Jumping jacks
-Tuck jumps
*Repeat as many times as you can!

Tonight’s meal: Homemade Whole Wheat Veggie Pizza!

Recipe can be found under the ‘Recipe’ tab at the top of this page!

Weekly Grocery Shopping to Save Money?

Trust The Process:

1. Eat Clean

2. Do Something Active Daily

3. Be Patient

4. Work Hard

5. Be Kind To Yourself

@healthyyouhappyyou on instagram for more tips, workouts, and meals… 🙂

I’m trying something new. My husband and I were going grocery shopping only once a month and buying in bulk and then making freezer meals, but I was still going to the store for produce, milk, eggs, etc. weekly, so I was spending more money…I think.

I decided to try grocery shopping once a week, only buy things we need for that week’s meals and snacks and use the things I already have at home to help with the meal planning. If I can keep the weekly expenditures under $100…we’ll save money, I think.

Here it goes!

I bought all of this for $84.37 and here are this week’s meals:


Monday: Greek Pasta!

Tuesday: Homemade Whole Wheat Veggie Pizza

Wednesday: Black Bean burgers with homemade potato wedges

Thursday: Tacos with ground turkey

Friday: We’re going out to eat

Saturday: Veggie Burritos

Sunday: Family dinner @ my dad’s house

Monday: Kale, ground turkey, and white bean soup with a large green salad

Breakfasts: oatmeal with fruit, eggs, toast, and fruit, whole grain cereal, protein pancakes with fruit

Lunches: Tuna, egg salad, and nut butter sandwiches with fruits, vegetables, greek yogurt with nuts and granolas, energy bars, fat-free cottage cheese with fruit and crackers, and edamame.

*We will probably have some leftovers, so this should last us until about next Tuesday or Wednesday and then I’ll go shopping again. 🙂